Adopting a REDZONE Puppy

All of my puppies are raised in my home and given lots of love and attention. They are introduced to many things during the time that they are here including agility equipment (tunnels, chutes, different boards and poles), retrieving toys, wings and the outdoors. They are introduced to the crate as the last week here, they all sleep in crates. All are sold on a CKC non-breeding contract. Once adopted, the dog must live in the house and be a member of your family. Puppies must attend a minimum of 16 weeks of obedience or socialization classes. As a breederl, I want to stay in touch with the owners of my pups and require that the owners give me updates on their pup at least twice a year. My committment to the puppy extends throughout the dogs lifetime.

If you are interested in a REDZONE puppy, please download and fill out the questionnaire and E-mail it to me. This will give me more information about you.

English Questionnaire


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